Northern Star Travelers

A Lifetime Of Travel…

About Us


We are Rainey and Mike. We’ve traveled the world in search of adventure and lifetime experiences. We have certainly found adventure too. Whether traveling by plane, train, car, boat, our harley or on foot (Hiking) we’ve traveled to some amazing locations around the world. And still have more travel in mind as we look ahead to retirement and start a new chapter in our lives: Buying an Airstream and seeing the USA.

I wanted to document our travels for family and friends and our Grandchildren so this blog was born. I’ll be slowly adding old trips and adventures as the months pass, so keep in mind that some of these trips were years ago. I’ll try and remember dates, but does it really matter? Trips of a lifetime will be on this blog.

I’ll also be documenting our search for the perfect Airstream to tow on our upcoming adventures. Our home away from home. After years of towing a boat we were pretty limited to lakes of course… so getting a travel trailer, Airstream is a dream of ours, will open our horizons to new opportunities to explore!

NOTE: We’ll also be traveling with our cat Nala in the travel trailer coming soon. I’ve been teaching her to walk on a leash (it took me about 4 weeks) and to get into a soft side cat carrier so I can take her into stores with me if needed.


*We traveled for many years on our boat with our sweet dog Gadget and she was the perfect boat dog. Sadly she passed away last April 2014. We miss her so… Miss Gadget on her 16th Birthday.


So keep us on your reading list as new adventures come along and old adventures get a post. Plus the search for the perfect Airstream coming soon!

*UPDATE* We found the perfect Airstream! A 2004 25′ Airstream Classic! We love her and we named her Lil Northern Star. We are are Northern Star Travelers!

We hope you enjoy and leave comments as you go… we’d love to hear from you!

Really Rainey and Mike

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