Lil Northern Star

We bought our 25′ 2004 Airstream Classic in February 2016. She was totally turn key. But with most people who buy used Airstreams, modifications are in the future to personalize your trailer so it feels like home. That’s also the beauty of Airstream… You CAN do that.

Making Lil Northern Star home. Our recent project: Replacing the gaucho sofa/bed, folding dining table, small writing desk and flooring.

The before photos…

The gaucho Sofa/bed

The before Just the way we bought her.


The Folding dining table:

The folding dining table was removed and I’m putting it up for sale too. That shelf that the whale is on was removed from the cabinet too. 

The folding writing/computer desk:

Writting/computer desk came out easy and I’m going to try and sell it.

The flooring:

Carpet in the bedroom, linoleum in the kitchen and carpet again in the main salon. When we first got the Airstream I used a steam cleaner three time on that carpet and it still didn’t come clean. And soiled quickly after I steam cleaned it. It HAD to come out. 
Bedroom carpet had to come out too! I really disliked it. 


The demolition:

Wrestling with the sofa. Even tho I told them the trick to remove it they still had to wrangle it. 

With the sofa out I was able to clean back there… Look at the wall! I vacuumed in the words! WOW. There was dust and sand and a stash of acorns! No mouse or squirrel poop tho. And no sign of water damage thank goodness! Then we cut around all the electronics and ripped out the dirty carpet. 

Mike ripping out the carpet. Lots of staples!


Tom- Our Master carpenter and jack of all trades removing the cabinet so he can take off that little shelf and so we can pull up the carpet put the new flooring under it.









Removing the linoleum. It was in good shape for being 13 years old. But it was pretty outdated, so out it goes!