Heading from Anchorage down the Old Seward Highway. Its about a three and a half drive to Seward.
We rented a cabin just outside of town since we would be there for three days. More on the beautiful cabin in a separate post. We got up early (as Fishermen do) and headed to the Marina to catch our charter boat the “Rainisong” around 6:45am. We left the dock right on time and went for a long steam toward some amazing fishing grounds. Good charter Captains around Resurrection Bay know the “sweet spots” to fish and our amazing Captain Chris was no exception. He took us to where the Halibut were biting and I caught my limit (2 per person per day -July 10-15) in about 30 minutes! Halibut are fun to fish for. Basically your fishing guides bait a hook a rod for you and then send you to the rail. You have a pretty heavy lead weight and a nice size hook with a modest bait and you send that rig slowly down about 200 feet. Once you hit the bottom, reel up about three turns and you wait! You can actually feel the halibut nibble on the bait… Don’t set the hook, no need, those hungry halibut will swallow that bait whole and when they do, you’ve got em! Now the hard part. Reeling that 25 to 50 pound halibut up from 200 feet. Its like pulling a Volkswagon up from the bottom of the ocean… See these guys don’t wanna come up that close!

Just keep reeling….

Just keep reeling…. Just as you think your arm might fall off you see it! “Color” you shout! You can see the halibuts white belly. That tells your fishing guides you have a fish on, when you say color they get the gaff, you grab your lead weight so it doesn’t bonk anyone and haul it into the boat. That’s it. Soon that delicious sweet firm white meat will be on your grill!

A little map of where we fished. From Seward to about that red A pin drop.
Heading out on a beautiful day for fishing in Alaska!
The views are breathtaking! And the air is so fresh and clean.
Mr. Northern Star Traveler (Mike) already has a fish on and just shouted “Color!”
There he is… Mike has already grabbed that lead weight, a nice sized “chicken” is what they call the 20ish pounders. Perfect for eating. See how they are white on their bellies and a brown mottled skin on top for camouflage.
Here is the boat’s haul of halibut for the day. There wear quite a few of us on that charter.
Once we caught or limit of halibut we headed for a spot to try our hand at Salmon fishing…
Mike caught 2 beautiful salmon and I was so proud of him. I didn’t catch one. Mrs. Northern Star Traveler is a much better halibut fisherwoman! We call Mike the salmon Slayer! He always catches them!
Close up.
Time to head back…
The seagulls follow as the crew cleans our catch…


While we were on the long steam back to the marina we all got quite a treat! Humpback whale, dolphin and Orca sightings… Not only that but the Humpback whales started “Bubble netting”. Its a very orchestrated way the Humpbacks work together to corral krill for mass consumption. The Captain stopped the boat and we all got to watch this magnificent show!

One whale dives deep and circles the school of krill and blows bubbles around them. The krill are too afraid to swim through the bubbles so they raise to the top. Of course so do the bubbles.
Then the rest of the pod swoops under them open their mouths wide and swim upward capturing large amounts of krill on a single bite! The seagulls gather to scoop up the leftovers.
Here’s a shot of the rather large pod of Humpback whales pushing up out of the water with mouthfuls of krill and seawater, their gills open to let out the water.
This photo is NOT mine I found it HERE. There is a video involved too that is amazing! If you’re interested. *Warning* Explicit language. Turn off the sound if you may be offended. But do watch it… its WOW.

While we are watching the Humpback spectacular the Orca and dolphins are swimming along on the starboard side of the boat! Amazing day at sea!

Family of Orca just swimming by. La tea da.
Beautiful animals… Sorry for the quality I took these with my iphone!

Back at the marina we said goodbye to the Captain and crew and divvied up the haul. Since we were all friends on this charter everyone got a equal bag of fish! Not a bad deal! The bags were about 16 pounds each. All that got flash frozen and vacuum sealed and shipped to our home on the date we asked them. Usually the day after we get home from the trip.

Our haul… One for Mike and one for Rainey!

More Alaska posts coming soon…